Storing alternative cryptocurrencies on your KeepKey is just as simple as storing your Bitcoin.

First you will need to add an account for your altcoin.

Adding altcoin accounts:

  • Click Add Account toward the bottom right corner
  • Select altcoin of your choice
  • Name and add account

From here you are able to exchange into your altcoin account. Example: Send exchange an amount from your Bitcoin account on KeepKey to your Litecoin account on KeepKey.

Converting altcoins:

  • Select account you would like to convert from
  • Click send
  • Select receiving account of your choice. When alternate cryptocurrency account is selected, above text will change ffrom "send Bitcoin to:" to "Convert Bitcoin to Altcoin¬†and send to¬†AltcoinAccountName:"
  • Select amount and click Convert and Send
  • With first time use you will be asked to confirm agreement to Shapeshift Exchange Policy with your KeepKey

You can also manually send to your altcoin account from an outside source.