I would like to recover my private keys on my KeepKey device. This happens when the device is wiped and reinitialized or a new KeepKey device has been replaced or purchased.


The only characters that are valid in a mnemonic key are alphabetic characters. The first four characters of every valid mnemonic word are unique, so you will only be able to type up to four characters per word. The <space> character is used to move to the next word. It is only enabled after 3 or 4 characters have been entered for a word. If your key is longer than 12 words, when you type a <space> after the 12th word, space for additional words will be displayed. Use the <enter> key after you type the last letter of the last word of your mnemonic key. The <enter> key is only active on the 12th, 18th, and 24th words and only after 3 or 4 characters are typed. Use the <delete> or <backspace> to make corrections to what you have typed.

When typing in your mnemonic word, you will use the KeepKey device Recovery Cipher that is displayed on the KeepKey device screen. Here is an example shown below: